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Can I take muti with ARVs?

I am on ARV and as it’s been five months now, can I drink traditional muti and arv at same time?


We don’t have muti in the UK, but I think this is a general term for traditional medicines, especially in some countries in Africa.

If you were in the UK it would not be recommended to take it as the same time as ARVs. This is because the ingredients are not known and are likely to vary a lot.

Natural ingredients are sometimes safe but they can sometimes interact with HIV meds. Without information showing something is safe it is better to be cautious.

I wondered why you want to take muti? If this is for a specific symptom it might be better to talk to your doctor in case other things could help.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Samkelo,

    Please see the above post. If you are in any doubt, you should talk to your doctor.

  2. Samkelo

    Am also confused why muti is not needed when you are taking arv’s

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Samantha,

    I’m unable to comment about this as there isn’t any research relating to Natruala Gacina. The best thing for weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise.

  4. Samantha

    Can I use Natrula Gacinia to loose weight when I’m on Arv treatment won’t it affect my health?

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Neidi,

    For me to be able to answer your question, I’m going to need to know what ARVs you’re on.

  6. neidi

    is it safe to take fertpills plus while I’m on arv?


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