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Is my son positive if I was diagnosed when breastfeeding?

I have been checking HIV through out the pregnancy and was negative, I gave birth and checked also found negative. However, I breastfed my child till he was one year old, on his 12th month I was diagnosed HIV positive.

I stopped breastfeeding immediately after founding out that I am HIV positive, I never took him for any tests to the clinic because I am scared. He is growing very well but his hair is not growing … Is he also HIV positive?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Because you were diagnosed when you were breastfeeding its very important that you have your baby tested. Even if he seems OK, he may have contracted HIV from you. 

This is still a low risk, but it is much better to check now.

The test will also let you stop worrying if the result is negative and the baby can access care in the small chance that he is positive.

Otherwise, you will just keep worrying for every sign. I don’t think hair growth pattern is relevant to this.

How are you doing with your own health? What is your CD4 count and are you taking HIV treatment?


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Innocent,

    If you think there’s a possibility that your son my have HIV, its important that he is tested. This is especailly important if you think you may have been positive back in 2005.

  2. innocent

    My son is be getting circumcised next week. I’m scared that he might have HIV. He was born in 2005. I was diagnosed in 2011.