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Viral rebound, what should I do?

Ii have a friend whose viral load is going up at an alarming rate. I took him for a check up and it was noted that they take the meds a bit late causing the viral load to go up. A recent check up on them he opted to take the meds 30 mins to time. Will this help to bring the viral load down? If not how do I help them out?


Thanks for getting in touch.

As long as your friend is taking their meds every day its very unlikely that their change in viral load is due to them taking their meds late. (though this will depend on what meds they are taking) Its more likely that they have developed resistance to their current regime, this is especially the case if their viral load is as you say rising at an alarming rate.

If resistance is happening, they will need to change medication. The following guide explains this, as well as viral load rebounds.



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