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Is it OK to take TB meds as well as ARVs?

I’ve been taking my ARVs together with my TB resistance tablet, will this affect it working on my body?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Its very common that someone who is positive and on ARVs will also be using TB drugs. They’ll both work as they should do. The ARVs on the HIV, and the TB drugs will help prevent you contracting TB.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Khulekani,

    Yes people who are negative can take ARVs. ARVs can be taken to prevent HIV as well as when there’s been a possible risk. This is called PrEP and PEP. Please see here for more info: http://i-base.info/guides/testing/pep-pepse-and-prep

  2. Khulekani

    Can someone who is not diagnosed with HIV take ARVS?

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nkosilathi,

    Is this the first time that you’ve been offered winthrop? Do you live in a TB prone zone? What’s your CD4 count?

  4. Nkosilathi

    I’ve been on Arvs for 3 years now, but when I went for my check up I was also given Winthrop isoanized tablets at my local clinic. Why should I take them since, I have not been diagnosed with t.b

  5. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sibahle,

    Treating TB and HIV together can sometimes be difficult, especially for recent HIV diagnosis. So please discuss all your side effect problems with your doctor.

  6. Sibahle

    how long does the side effects of Winthrop Isoniazid last 3-months positive please help, is there a possible way to reduced side effects . These are the worst tablets ever


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