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Is it OK to take TB meds as well as ARVs?

I’ve been taking my ARVs together with my TB resistance tablet, will this affect it working on my body?


Thanks for getting in touch.

Its very common that someone who is positive and on ARVs will also be using TB drugs. They’ll both work as they should do. The ARVs on the HIV, and the TB drugs will help prevent you contracting TB.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Thoko,

    When someone is positive, if they have a low CD4 count it’s common that they’ll be given TB meds as a precaution. If you’re living in a house with someone who has TB then being on anti TBs may help. To know for sure why you’ve been given Winthrop, you’ll need to consult your doctor.

  2. Thoko

    Hi I’m Thoko
    I was diagnosed with HIV n aslo given the Winthrop but at that time I did not have any symptom of tb but but living with someone who was diagnosed with tb n taking medication.

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Idah,

    I’m sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. But it sounds great that you’ve started HIV treatment, along with treatment to prevent TB, without side effects.

    What does the clinic say about your diagnosis, was it late?

    What HIV meds are you taking? If you have access to your CD4 count and viral load, please let us know what they are.

  4. Idah

    Recently tested positive but don’t have any side effects also given meds to prevent tb no side effects think u get side effects when u start medication a lil bit late


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