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I started ART without a CD4 test… can I really life another 10 years?

Am Joe and I am 28yrs. I just got to know my HIV status is positive and I am on treatment but there are no machines to determine my cd4 count. what do I do? I am told one can live for ten years. Is this true? I am scared and frustrated.


Hi Joe

I know it is really tough to have this news, but it is good that you have access to treatment and have been able to start.

Even without a CD4 count, the meds will be good, but it is very strange to here that there might not be a way to get his test.

It would help to know which country you are writing from. Also, whether you go to a clinic in the city or the countryside.

To answer your main question, people can definitely life for 10 years if they have access to treatment. Many people have been using treatment for twice this long – for over twenty years. Based on these results, Your life expectancy can be the same as if you were still HIV negative.

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  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Jr,

    Its very possible that there will have been an increase in your CD4. Therefore, if you want to have it tested then you can.

  2. Jr

    Hi writing you from the Philippines. The viral load test in mu country is expensive but I am just wondering I’ve been on treatment for a month now and I wanted to have my cd4 count checked again (I started with 227). Is it possible to see an increase on my cd4 count although i’ve been on treatment for just a month?


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