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I’m about to start meds, what can I expect?

I’m going to be starting Atrozia in the next few days. I’m in good health and have a CD4 of 800. What can I expect?


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Info about starting meds, and what to expect can be found here in our Introduction to ART guide:



  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Elvonia,

    Being diagnosed with HIV can be a shock, and its very common to feel overwhelmed. Slow down, and breath…. you’re going to be OK. HIV is no longer like it used to be. Its now a very manageable health condition. And one that should have minimal impact on your life and health.

    Do you have someone who you can talk to? A close friend or relative? This may help.

    Your CD4 is high, which is great, and with treatment your viral load will become undetectable. Reading the following might help:




  2. Elvonia

    I am newley diagnosed and have no idea what i am dealing with. Cd4 is 781 and viral load is 26250. What does it mean? For how long do i have this virus?

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Precious,

    If you were having sex with your girlfriend before she was diagnosed, you’ll need to have a HIV test.

  4. precious

    I am dating a girl for 7 months now but we started having unprotected intercourse from December 2017 , But she didn’t tell me that she’s Hiv positive and she is pregnant for me after the pregnancy test she came to me and started crying that she is Hiv , positive What do i do please help me? Thank you


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