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Is a negative test after 3 months accurate?

Dear Sir,
I had sex with massage girl on June 08, 2007, she removed the condom from my penis 3-5 minutes before finishing the sex (vaginal sex).
Five weeks (37 days) after the exposure, I got HIV test and the result was negative. 91 days after exposure I got HIV test again for confirmation, the result is negative. My questions are:
1. Does it mean that I am really HIV negative?
2. Should I get HIV test again next December 2007 (6 months after exposure)?


To question #1: Unless you had another exposure risk during the 91 days period, then yes, the test shows that you are HIV-negative.

To question #2: In very rare cases it takes more than 40 days for the body to develop antibodies to HIV that can be picked up by the test. That is why it is a good idea to test again 3 months after the possible exposure, even though the chances of a positive result then are almost negligible.

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  1. Mike

    Please help me doctor
    I had unprotected sex 3months after 1 months I started having fever that has lasted 3months
    I have taken many drugs but it keeps on getting worse
    I have gone for hiv test 4 times the results was negative
    Pls help I’m worried

  2. Ali

    Hello doctor, please answer me I am very worry it’s about life of four people.

    5 months ago I did my biggest mistake in my life by having sex with a sex worker in Montreal Canada, (condom broken) and later I knew she is hiv positive. I tested 7 times (EIA test) during this time which fist test was after 2 months exposure and last one was 2 days ago. All come negative but I am very worry because of symptoms, I have all symptoms like fever, sore throat, rush, lymph nodes more than 10 in my neck, my tongue become white after 8 weeks the exposure with ulcer and some times herpes (makes me very scare) , nausea, weigh lost 10 kg , no energy , curving my nails and etc and also my wife and my 3 years old some and my one year my daughter she has the symptoms, that make me very sad that how is possible I infected my kids and even my wife because I always used condom, please help me know what should I do, my kids are my life I can’t see them sick, is any one come positive after six months test, as my test was negative at 5 months, is any chance of false negative after months,is any other test that show infection because maybe my body don’t produce antibody to show in antibodies test, please help me and my poor family thanks and one thing else is any other sickness that has symptoms like hiv that we test it. Thank you again

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