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Is a negative test after 3 months accurate?

Dear Sir,
I had sex with massage girl on June 08, 2007, she removed the condom from my penis 3-5 minutes before finishing the sex (vaginal sex).
Five weeks (37 days) after the exposure, I got HIV test and the result was negative. 91 days after exposure I got HIV test again for confirmation, the result is negative. My questions are:
1. Does it mean that I am really HIV negative?
2. Should I get HIV test again next December 2007 (6 months after exposure)?


To question #1: Unless you had another exposure risk during the 91 days period, then yes, the test shows that you are HIV-negative.

To question #2: In very rare cases it takes more than 40 days for the body to develop antibodies to HIV that can be picked up by the test. That is why it is a good idea to test again 3 months after the possible exposure, even though the chances of a positive result then are almost negligible.

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  1. Robinhood

    I had unprotected sex on the 15/2/2016 I did a test on the 10/3/2016 and it was negative. My doctor told me to do another after 3 months. I wait 6, then tested. The result was negative. Am I ok?

  2. roshan

    Sir 1st I test HIV in one months its negetive after 86 days I test 2nd its also negetive after 10 months again I test HIV again I got negative that’s means I m totally negetive sir my problem is that I loss of appite or loss weight 3 kg in 10 months give me suggested please

  3. Lisa Thorley

    Hi arpana,

    Please see the following link about transmission and testing:


  4. arpana

    Good morning. I had unprotected oral sex with a male (circumsized) whose HIV status i am unaware of. I am a female and he ejaculated in my mouth. I spitted it out quickly but i am not sure whether i could have swallowed some semen or not. we did not have sex, only oral sex. I did HIV type 1 and 2 tests after 1 month and 2 month including all STDs tests and i tested Non-Reactive for the HIV and negative for all STD. However it is only now (after the 2 months of exposure) that i am having some swollen lymph nodes in my armpits with a burning sensation. Is it possible that i am having some symptoms now? what are the odds of getting HIV from such an incident?

  5. Michael

    I would like to ask whether can I donate blood if the result of my HIV test is negative after 3 months of exposure

  6. Mohammed

    Dears I had oral sex on 3- March 2016 with woman then after one month I carried dead bleeding body with cut in my finger , on 1- June I had Elfa Ab\Ag Test which came back negative , then after one month I had pcr test which came back + then after 140 days from the oral sex and 104 days from the dead body I had rapid test twice which came back negative , after that I repeated the Elfa test after 148,113 days after the two events need help plz

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