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What does the number on my negative HIV test result mean?

I had an HIV test done and result was negative and non reactive. The result showed 0.04 what does this mean? Jake


Hi Jake,

Thank you for your question.

This result means you do not have HIV. The number is a more accurate (quantitative) way of measuring the result other than a simple, yes or no. If the number is less than 1.0 the result is negative, if the result is above 1.0 the result is positive, if the result is very close to 1.0, either higher or lower, then the doctor may decide a confirmatory test is required. You result of 0.04 is a long way from 1.0.

Any time you don’t understand a test result it is important to ask the test centre or doctor who performed the test.

Information on this website is provided by treatment advocates and offered as a guide only. Decisions about your treatment should always be taken in consultation with your doctor.


  1. Roy Trevelion


    Here’s the link to the i-Base info guide to testing

  2. Titi

    I ran a test but am testing negative but my semi quantitative show 0.06 am I at risk

  3. OJ

    Good evening
    I did anti hiv after 30 days from my last sexual contact..
    The result shows 0.55
    My question is.. Is that normal in the body or it’s shows something wrong
    Please help me

  4. Roy Trevelion

    This sounds like the result of an HIV antibody test. Antibodies are made by your immune system in response to a virus, such as HIV. In general if the number is less than 1.0 it’s a negative result, and if it’s more than 1.0 it’s a positive result.

    Your result of 0.54 is a negative result. However, you can ask your doctor for another test to confirm the result. It’s important to ask your doctor about this test, and find out more about what the test result means.

    You can find out more about how HIV tests work here:


    I’ve done an HIV test, my index value is 0.54. I am risk or not?

  6. Hi Iqra

    Please talk to the doctor or test centre where you tested to explain this.

    If the result is positive they need to explain this to you.

    If you are HIv positive, then HIV treamtent is very good and effective.

  7. Iqra

    My HIV test value is 1.08 is it Positive? If yes please guide me for medication? Can we recover it?

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