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What do reactive negative/non-reactive results mean?

My ex had a rapid test and the results on the paper was reactive negative/non-reactive. He told me that the doctor said the result was positive. I googled and on your feedbacks say that it is negative – I am confused and scared now. Can you please clarify this for me?


A non-reactive results means HIV negative.  A reactive results means HIV positive.  An indeterminate results mean the test results was unclear and needs another test.

There is no such thing as a reactive negative result – this could be a communication lad error and you need to refer back to the testing clinic for clarification.

Please refer to this link for more info on testing results at our FAQ section :-

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  1. If you are asking about a test results, then please ask the person that gave you this result.

    It sounds like it might just mean “negative”.

  2. amalia

    Wat does presumed negative means

  3. Aung

    Why didn’t the test mention Negative or Positive clearly?
    May be confused on non-reactive or reactive.

  4. raph

    I tested for HIV and my result is non reactive. What does this mean?

  5. Hi,

    If your test was taken more than 4 weeks after an exposure you can assume that it is accurate. They recommend that you take another after 3 months just to make sure.

  6. paeton

    Today i tested for HIV and am negative. They said that i must be tested again after 3 months?

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