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Can I buy my HIV medication online?

Can you please give me your opinion about a website selling an alternative product called baariz?

Also what is the best online website to purchase HIV medicines and will they deliver to my country, I just don’t want to buy it from local pharmacies due to strict law regarding HIV persons.

Thank you for your help.


We do not have any scientific data regarding the product Baariz.  The clinical studies which the Baariz website mentions are not scientifically accurate.  Please click on the link  for more information on Baariz which was upload by the UK Consumer Watchdog.

There are no other alternative medicines that you can take to boost your immune system.  This includes vitamins, supplement, or herbal remedies. Only HIV medication can help to reduce your viral load and increase your CD4 count.

HIV medication are prescription drugs and can only be obtained if prescribed by HIV doctor. Most people would then get their HIV meds in the country where they are prescribed. However, some countries may let you order medicines from other countries, but you would need to know you are getting the genuine medicine and getting it from a manufacturer that has had their drugs tested and approved by an agency like the US FDA.

This article from a US community publication hivpositivemagazine.com, warns of risks of buying HIV medication online. If you live in a country without free health care and this is the only way to afford treatment, then be careful in only using a trusted and approved supplier.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi RANA,

    If you’ve just been diagnosed, the important thing is that you start medication. Ideally this should have been discussed with you by your doctor. If it wasn’t please see this guide: http://i-base.info/guides/side

    The ARVs you are offered will depend where you live. In countries in Sub Saharan Africa they are usually free, this is also the case in places like India.

    If you can it may help to talk about your status. The important thing to know if that HIV is no longer the illness it used to be.

  2. RANA

    I have infected with HIV. Now what shall I do?

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Stoffel,

    I’m sorry to hear this. But if you live in South Africa you can contact the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC). They can help with local support.

    You can get in touch with TAC at this link to their contact page.

    Do you have access to your viral load and CD4 count results? And what HIV meds were you taking? Please let us know.


    I Cant afford ARV’S the state of our local clinics is a sham and still got to work iam 2months no meds iam stranded dont know who can help me S.A

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Alex,

    If your friends HIV is under control then he should only be visiting a clinic once or at max twice a year. This will be to possibly collect his meds, and to have check ups to make sure that his HIV is under control. If he has issues with having blood taken he should discuss this with his doctor. They’ll be able to help.

  6. Alex

    Hi I’m asking on behalf of a friend, I’m hiv + on meds in the U.K. My friend is unable to access medication as he has such bad needle phobia to give bloods that he cannot access prescriptions for long period of time. He had had original diagnoses and also 1 bloods done. They started him on a course but keep requiring more bloods to be taken. But he can no longer deal with the experience of going to have bloods done as this send him into crippling depression. I have looked into many options and am looking to see if there is any other way to access medication with having to give constant bloods or to buy online??? Any help would be great. He is now giving up and suicidle. Any help would be greatly welcome. I have. I more ideas what to do. Thank you

  7. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Ann.

    If you’re traveling then it makes sense to take meds with you. There could be access problems with AVRs in Pakistan. Its OK to travel into Pakistan when positive.


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