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Questions about CD4 counts and Immunace

please I need your answers on the following questions
1.please what is the benefit of immunace and septrin to a positive woman?.
2.what can cause one CD4 count to fall?.
3.can immunace increase CD4 count in the body ,if not what can?.
4.can a high CD4 count mean that the person is now undetectable?



Thanks for your email.

  1.  Septrin is an antibiotic. It is given to HIV positive people to protect them from an opportunistic infection called PCP. There is more information about using Septrin here. Immunace is a multivitamin. Unless you have a vitamin deficiency there is no evidence that taking multivitamins will benefit your health. You can read more about vitamins and supplements here.
  2. When somebody is HIV positive and not on treatment it is normal for the CD4 count to decrease over time. Most countries recommend that when the CD4 count is below 350 or below 500 people should start treatment with ARVs to increase their CD4 count. Do you know what your CD4 count is?
  3. Immunace will not increase your CD4 count. The only drugs that can do this are antiretrovirals (ARVs). There is lots of information about ARVs and CD4 counts in our Introduction to combination therapy.
  4. Having a high CD4 count does not mean that you will necessarily have an undetectable viral load. It is possible to have a high CD4 count and a high viral load. You can read more about CD4 counts and viral loads here.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Mussa, I am sure there are lots of HIV-related courses, but I am sorry that i-Base doesn’t have a list of these. Perhaps contact the organisation that helped with your first course?

  2. Mussa

    (1) Are there means of helping by options ,to one who has the discomfort in taking of treatment?
    (2) I have done VCT Counselling fully certified course in 2010 and have been practising,is there a way I can study basic advanced HIV management and adherence by online ?

  3. B liwena

    Quite informative topics for my wider understanding as am a psychosocial counseling student


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