Further information

If you have questions after reading this guide or would like to talk to someone about treatment, contact the i-Base information service.

HIV i-Base

The i-Base website has other treatment guides including translations, technical bulletins, an online Q&A service, a treatment manual, information about workshops and many other resources. It also contains information about each drug, conference reports and technical reviews of published studies.


A community network that focuses on treatment including peer-support and training.

Community support

A network of HIV support groups provide direct services for HIV positive people.

Positively UK (

Positive East (

HIV Scotland (

THT online forum (

Aidsmap run an online directory of organisations (

HIV and ageing

A UK guide to HIV and ageing called “Coming of Age” is available from JUSTRI.

Drug approval agencies

Detailed prescribing information in most European languages and other scientific documents are available from the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This is the European organisation responsible for drug approval and drug safety. Use the link on their site for ‘product information/human medicine’.

UK guidelines

About 18 UK guidelines are posted to the he British HIV Association (BHIVA) website.

These include treatment guidelines and UK standards of care.

Patient rights in the UK

For information about your rights as a patient, see ‘NHS patients’ rights guide by Citizens’ Advice‘.

Information about healthcare services including how to make a complaint are on the NHS website.

Last updated: 1 October 2019.