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The Hopkins HIV Report – January 2003


The HIV/AIDS vaccine research effort: an update
By Chris Beyrer M.D., M.P.H.

Top papers of 2002 – John G. Bartlett, M.D.
Author’s choice for the twelve most important HIV-related publications of 2002 that have direct clinical relevance:

Report from the 4th International Workshop on Adverse Drug Reactions and Lipodystrophy in HIV
By Joseph Cofrancesco Jr., M.D., M.P.H.

PRN Notebook – December 2002

December 2002 Vol. VII, No. 4

HIV superinfection and immune control: implications for vaccine development?
Todd Allen, DVM, PhD

Dendritic cells: immune activators of virus facilitators?
Melissa Pope, PhD

Determinants of mucosal HIV replication and shedding
Scott J. Brodie, DVM, PhD

IAPAC December 2002 Journal

How club drugs make HIV more dangerous
Jan Swanson and Alan Cooper
Club drugs, or recreational drugs, have recently been associated with increased high-risk sexual behaviors that, in turn, may cause higher incidence of HIV/AIDS. And, there is increasing evidence that club drugs interact with highly active antiretroviral therapy. What role should physicians and allied healthcare professionals play?

ICCAC Report: HIV grudgingly yields some secrets (or, orthography and the retrovirus)
Mark Mascolini
While many of HIV’s dark mysteries remain tightly under wraps, the 42nd ICAAC yielded some clues to antiretroviral management. New studies focused on starting, stopping, and changing therapy – and on new antiretrovirals.

TAGline – November 2002

SSITT downer? Nattering nabobs’ noxious spin, and the imperiled future of STI research

“When an investigational drug causes a 0.4 log drop in viral load, it is evidence of biological activity. When the first large auto-vaccination study produces the same result, it signals the end of an entire field of HIV research.”

Richard Jefferys analyses the results from the Swiss-Spanish Intermittent Treatment Trial (SSITT) more optimistically than the lead investigators and argues for continued research in this area.

Research and policy recommendations for HIV/HCV coinfection
Critical recommendations from updated coinfection report, Version 2.0, February 2003.
(pdf format only)

IAVI Report – December 2002/January 2003

International AIDS Vaccine Initiative report now online:

  • Clinical Trials Watch: Ongoing preventive trials of HIV vaccines
  • Cent Gardes vaccine meeting highlights role of antibodies in protection
  • Are babies in a blind spot?

A workshop in Seattle highlights the still-formidable barriers to clinical trials of vaccines in paediatric populations, which are at high risk of HIV infection via breastmilk in many areas of the world.

  • Gathering of regulators from Southern Africa tackles vaccines and microbicides

Difficulties faced by representatives of regulatory agencies and institutional review boards in approving trials and licensing HIV vaccines and microbicides.

  • Bringing vaccines to Soweto: An interview with Glenda Gray

A leader at one of Africa’s premiere AIDS units and clinical research sites, Glenda Gray has been part of pioneering research, especially in the field of reducing mother-to-child transmission. Here, she discusses the team’s recent expansion into vaccines and the challenges of involving young people in vaccine trials.

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