Cure research: report from research workshop

A report from a community-initiated workshop on cure research, held in Baltimore in April 2011 is now online in PDF format.

The meeting included a focus on the following issues:

  • If HIV eradication is the goal, how can this be proved when the best currently available tests may still miss the tiny residual amount of the virus that can bring the infection roaring back to life when antiretroviral drugs are withdrawn?
  • If treatment interruptions are necessary, how can they be conducted safely in research participants when prevailing data suggest that even relatively short treatment interruptions can be harmful for some?
  • If immune control of the virus is the objective, what kinds of changes in the immune system and inflammatory markers will tell us we are on the right track? and
  • If early trials require participants to take greater risks with little hope of gain, how can we ensure that studies are ethical and guarantee that those taking the risks are fully informed?

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