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PLoS Medicine

Following the script: how drug reps make friends and influence doctors – Fugh-Berman A, Ahari S

Do CD4+ T cell functional responses to EBV provide protective immunity against CNS lymphoma in AIDS? – Jacobson MA

Impact and process evaluation of integrated community and clinic-based HIV-1 control: a cluster-randomised trial in Eastern Zimbabwe

Monopolising clinical trial data: implications and trends – Timmermans K

Adherence to HAART: Africans take medicines more faithfully than North Americans – Attaran A

PLoS Clinical Trials

Evidence-based treatment for HIV-associated dementia and cognitive impairment: why so little? – Ellis RJ

Factors in AIDS Dementia Complex trial design: results and lessons from the abacavir trial – Brew BJ, et al

Quality of life in HIV clinical trials: why sexual health must not be ignored – Koole O et al

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