Case-studies show darunavir does not protect against CoV-2

Simon Collins, HIV i-Base

Although in vitro studies reported possible antiviral activity of boosted darunavir (DRV) against CoV-2, in March 2020 Janssen issued an early statement advising against using this drug in research against COVID 19. [1]

Nevertheless, and to confirm lack of protection, three cases have been reported of HIV positive people (two men and one woman) who were diagnosed with COVID-19 despite using boosted-darunavir-based ART. [2]

The historical details of the three cases are not worth reporting, as the approach to management is already out of date and against current guidelines (ie – switching DRV to lopinavir/r and adding hydroxychloroquine).


  1. Janssen press statement. Lack of evidence to support use of darunavir-based treatments for SARS-CoV-2. (16 March 2020).
  2. Riva D et al. Darunavir does not prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection in HIV patients. Pharmacological Research (157), 104826 (20 April 2020).

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