IAVI report: 2005 year in review

This special issue of VAX includes a table of all ongoing AIDS vaccine trials as well as a global map highlighting the trials that started last year.

In 2005, 13 new trials of preventive AIDS vaccine candidates began in 9 countries around the world. Two of these involved vaccine candidates that entered Phase II trials, an intermediate stage of clinical evaluation. India, China, and Rwanda started their first AIDS vaccine trials last year and South Africa began that country’s first Phase II AIDS vaccine trial. Several of these newly initiated trials involved novel vaccination strategies, including prime-boost regimens where two candidates are administered sequentially to try to improve the immune responses induced.

IAVI VAX Newsletter – February 2006

  • Cervical cancer vaccines
  • Pharmexa-Epimmune initiates Phase I AIDS vaccine trial
  • AIDS vaccine trial opens in India
  • Understanding the benefits and risks of participating in clinical research: what are the major considerations influencing the decision to volunteer for an AIDS vaccine trial?

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