Untangling the web of price reductions: a pricing guide for the purchase of ARVs for developing countries

MSF, 7th edition (February 2005)

The aim of this publication is to provide information in simple table format about the prices and suppliers of antiretroviral drugs in developing countries.

In addition, the report provides information about where the particular price offers by pharmaceutical companies are valid, what type of treatment provider is eligible for them as well as other conditions linked to the offers.

Like other reports MSF has published “Untangling the web” is based on MSF’s own experiences in providing AIDS treatment in over 25 developing countries. MSF field teams are well aware that information about suppliers and prices of ARVs is not easily found. As a result, treatment providers end up paying very different prices depending on where they are and what process of information gathering they went through. The report is intended as a practical tool for all drug purchasers in developing countries to help them procure the least expensive quality products available.

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