EACS 14 Brussels 2013

14th European AIDS Conference (EACS), 16-19 October 2013, Brussels

Dolutegravir superior to darunavir/r at week 48 in open label treatment naïve study

GSK744: 24-week results with oral integrase inhibitor planned for once-monthly injections

Cenicriviroc: 48 week results compared to efavirenz

Approaches to once-daily raltegravir: new formulation likely to require food

DSMB stops boosted atazanavir monotherapy study due to virological failure

Caution against prolonged use of bisphosphonates in patients with mild-moderate fracture risk

Osteoporosis triples risk of later fracture in 1000-person US HIV group

Bone turnover marker changes early in ART predict bone loss after 96 week

Low HDL cholesterol is main lipid abnormality in HIV+/HIV- comparison

Classic risk factors, but not HIV, linked to arterial stiffness in middle-aged