EACS 8th Athens 2001

8th European Conference on Clinical Aspects and Treatment of HIV-infection, Athens, 28-31 October 2001

HIV drug resistance can develop under HAART at low levels of viraemia

Combinations of lopinavir/r and amprenavir in heavily treatment experienced patients

Further reports of benefits of polylactic acid for facial lipoatrophy

GigaHAART study shows benefit of treatment interruption prior to treatment with >7 drugs in highly treatment experienced patients

Tenofovir DF 907 study

The Max Cmin 1 trial: indinavir/ritonavir vs. saquinavir/ritonavir

No significant drug interactions found between tenofovir DF and indinavir, lopinavir/r, lamivudine, or efavirenz

Ritonavir corrects drug interaction between efavirenz and saquinavir

Lopinavir/r effective in naive patients after three years of treatment