IAS 4th Sydney 2007

4th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, 22-25 July 2007, Sydney

HIV viraemia may explain increased risk of cardiovascular disease, death and other serious events in people interrupting treatment in the SMART trial: new study to randomise people with CD4 counts >500 to start immediate treatment or defer to <350 cells/mm3

CD4 increases in immunological non-responders despite suppressive therapy following switch to nuke-sparing regimen of ATZ/SQV/r

Darunavir/r shows superiority over lopinavir/r at 48 weeks in TITAN trial

Maraviroc fails to show non-inferiority to efavirenz in treatment-naive patients: 48 week results

Importance of using maraviroc in combination with other active drugs in treatment-experienced patients

Week 48 raltegravir results in treatment-naive phase II dose-finding study

DUET studies clarify antiviral efficacy of etravirine and cross-resistance profile to other NNRTIs

Boosting atazanavir in treatment-naive patients, and impact on lipids after switching from lopinavir/r

Saquinavir/r vs lopinavir/r in treatment-naive patients

Fosamprenavir/r vs atazanvir/r in treatment-naive patients

Antiretroviral therapy initiated before 12 weeks of age reduces early mortality in young infants; interim results from the CHER study

Very low transmission rates among breastfeeding women receiving ART

Use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) by sero-different couples wanting to conceive a child

Increased incidence of miscarriage with efavirenz use

No impact of HSV-2 suppressive therapy on HIV incidence

Penile washing directly after sex increased the risk of acquiring HIV: circumcision effective for men in high prevalence populations no protective effect in gay men

HBV or HCV coinfection produced higher risk from treatment interruptions: drug holidays and hepatitis don’t mix