Intl Drug Resistance Workshop 4 Sitges 2000

4th International Workshop on HIV Drug Resistance and Treatment Strategies, 12-16 June 2000, Sitges, Spain

Tenofovir (PMPA), defining cross-resistance profiles

DAPD shows activity in vitro against multidrug-resistant HIV but initial results from monotherapy in treatment experienced subjects are disappointing

Mycophenalate mofetil in patients with advanced disease and multidrug resistant HIV

Hydroxyurea is active in vitro against multidrug-resistant HIV

ABT-378/r (Lopinavir): defining a resistance profile and the effects of resistance on virological response in experienced patients

Indinavir/ritonavir at 400/400 mg or 800/100 mg as intensification

Ritonavir/saquinavir combination: effect of ritonavir dosage

What is the significance of blips in viral load?

Phenotypic resistance testing improves response to therapy: final analysis of VIRA3001

A prospective study of strategic treatment interruptions in patients with chronic HIV-infection

Added value of hydroxyurea or IL-2 to STIs remains uncertain

Continued benefits from protease inhibitor based therapy despite virological failure

Do resistance mutations disappear off therapy?

Selection of PI mutations during slow decay of VL and resistance after PI failure

Thymidine analogues mutations (TAMS) and other NA-related resistance mutations

Nevirapine vs efavirenz: the SENC trial

A warning on simplification strategies: not suitable for all