PK Workshop 4th Cannes 2003

4th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV Therapy, 27-29 March 2003, Cannes, France

Can low NVP plasma concentrations explain the results seen in the EFV and NVP containing arms of the NARVAL study?

Up to one third of patients receiving standard doses of NNRTIs may be being underdosed

Nelfinavir concentrations are significantly higher in HIV/HCV co-infected patients with cirrhosis

Less diarrhoea and bioequivalence with the new nelfinavir 625mg tablet

The potential for probenecid to have a serious interaction with HIV-1 protease inhibitors

PK studies reveal significant sex/gender differences

Pregnancy-related PK studies

New test to measure intracellular levels of nucleosides

Case studies for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM)

Launch of guide to the use of drug level monitoring