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What is the risk for two HIV positive people without condoms?


Both my partner and l are hiv positive, but my parnter is on HIV drugs and am not.

When we are having sex we sleep without a condom – is there any risk here?



In general, when both people are HIV positive, condoms are only useful to protect against pregnancy and STIs.

So long as you partner is good taking meds and his viral load stays undetectable, there are no other risks to you.

If he is not good at taking meds and misses doses, then he might develope drug resistance, There would then be a small  risk you could be reinfected with this drug resistant HIV.

This might be a reason from him to be extra careful with not missing his meds.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Larato, I am sorry that you are having problems with your partner but this is not something that i-Base can help with. We can only help with treatment questions.

  2. lerato

    hi I am healthy taking care of myself using condom with my partner. problem is I have flirt mate we used to use condom but this time he surprised me having sex with me without condom. he claim that he broke up with his partner. so can you please help me about his action cause he just call me to say I arrived safely after that when I call him he don’t answer my calls he even switch his phone off. I think he know his status he think he wanted to infect me or what me confused I don’t know who he is sleeping with even him on my site I don’t get it please help.

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi. both Atroiza and Atenef contain the same HIV meds. These will protect both your health and that of your baby during pregnancy. Please talk to your doctor is you are worried about anything,

  4. motlatso

    Hi im 22 years old and i am hiv and pregnant. I was using Atroiza an now im using Atenef is this tablets going to be good for my baby? I am two months pregnant.