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I just started ARVs with CD4=42 and have rash and pains

I tested positive to HIV over five years ago, but just started with ARV this month with a CD4 of 42. I am having an ulcer in my penis and rashes at the back of my foot and hand, which drug should i use?



It is very good that you are now on treatment.

A CD4 count of 42 is low – and puts you at risk of lots of infections. Has your doctor also prescribed you antibiotics?

Your dcotor needs to see these symptoms. Becasue your CD4 count is so low, there is a chance that the symptoms might be another complication.

You are still likley to get a very good response to treatment, but your doctor need to know everything that happens.

I wonderdered why you left it so long to start if you were diagnosed 5 years ago?


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