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Can HIV be transmitted through a condom?

I am 19 years old and recently had sex with someone and I didn’t know their HIV status. Throughout the whole process, I wore a condom. I wore a condom during oral sex and vagnial sex. I’m now worried I’ve caught HIV or an STI some how?



Condoms used correctly protect 100% against HIV transmission and some other STIs.

Please see this section on condoms and sex for more information.


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sheniz,
    Thanks for telling us your story. It’s sounds like you and your husband are very happy together.

  2. Sheniz

    Hi my husband is hiv positive, and I am hiv negative. We have been together now for three year as discordant Couples. I meet him when he was positive and decided to be with him after he opened up to me about his staters. I felt that I need to take good care of him and prove to the world that, such a marriage is possible. All through we have been using condoms and our life and sex life is normal like for any married couples or lovers. All it needs is to use condoms properly. My husband viral load last test reads 700. When I meet him it was reading 2,800. and still am negative. Lesson to all. Thanks.


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