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I’m undetectable should my partner take PEP?

Hi. I’m HIV positive and my boyfriend is not. I have a undetectable viral load and we always use condoms. I want to encourage him to take the pep , because .. he was a bit rough. He fingered me and performed oral. This morning I used the washroom, and as I wiped I noticed a soft pink spot on the tissue. I was a bit swollen and sensitive. I’m paranoid, he went down there and what if he licked some blood. How much of a risk, would he be? I want him to stay hiv free. And he keeps telling me he’s fine. Please tell me. I’m worried.


Thanks for getting in touch.

As you are undetectable there is a close to zero chance of transmission. Please see: https://i-base.info/htb/30108

This is even less because you use condoms.

If your partner wants to use PEP, then he could. However, the risks of transmission are as noted, close to zero.