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Can I change treatment?

I started Atripla in May 2015, and my Cd4 was 74, and VL was 250000 copies, now 2 years later I have an undetectable VL and 143 CD4. I’m 32 years old, since was diagnosed with HIV 14 years ago when I was 18. Now my worry is my feet and hands have started becoming thin and accumulating fat just on upper abdomen.And my CD4 is not really picking even though VL is undetectable. I want to know which ARV I can switch to from Atripla


Thanks for getting in touch.

Though your CD4 count has not risen like you want it to, (this can and does happen) having an undetectable viral load is great.This means that the Atripla is working, and working really well.  Unless you’re having bad side effects then there may be no reason to change it. However, this is something that you should discuss with your doctor.

In relation to the changes in your body, please see here:



  1. Awintim

    Hi Lisa,

    I Think its about avoilability as i have not given any complain. I asked him he said its same.He said they are in the same class so changing from emtricitabine to lamuviding is ok.

  2. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Awintim,

    It would help to know why there was a change. Yes you can go back to Atripla.

  3. Awintim

    Thanks Lisa, So they are similar That means i can go back to atripla again? That means i can still use FTC In future without a problem? or go back to atripla in the future without a problem?. I think my text was not all clear i did not notice it
    FTC was Changed To Lamuvidine That is From Atripla To (Efaverinz,Tenofovir fomurate and Lamuvidine)

  4. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Awintim,

    Other then the Lamivudine what else are you taking? Were you told why you needed to change? If it helps, the lamivudine is very similar to the FTC that’s in Atripla.

  5. Awintim

    I used to be on Atripla, now I’ve been given Lamivudine. I took the Atripla for 2 weeks. I’ve now been on the Lamivudine for 2 months, will this be a problem? I’m not happy about this.

  6. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Bain,

    Thanks for sharing.

    You may want to know that once someone is on medication and their viral load is undetectable they can’t transmit the virus through sexual intercourse.

  7. bain

    Whe i first found out dat i was hiv my cd4 was 671… after 6 months it was 400 then i knew i must take medication…then it started to go up… my point is when u hiv u must be carefully. …no more unprotected sex… u must eat health… take care of u self…

  8. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Jones,

    What meds are you on? How much weight have you lost? Have you had any life style changes?

  9. Jones

    i began treatment 8 months ago i’ve recently lost a lot of weight


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