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I’ve decided to start ART with CD4=28…

Hi. My CD4 count is 28 and I am suffering from skin disease and cough since last 2 years. I have now decided to start ART. What is possible chance of life in the future?


Hi It is very good you are now starting ART but I wonder why you did not do this earlier.

What made you wait for so long?

Your outlook is still very good.

However, as your CD4 count is less than 50, there is a chance that you might have other infections (called IRIS) over the first few months. Please teel your doctor about any new symptoms. After the first few months everything will be much safer and easier.

Did your doctor checked your eyesght? Also, it is improtatn to take additional antibiotics called co-trimoxazole.

Until your CD4 count get above 100 and then 200, your will also be at higher risk of other infections, but being on ART will also protect you.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi JR,

    Her CD4 count will have started to rise when she began to take her medication. As to how high it will go its not possible to say, but with meds its will rise.

  2. JR

    My friend was diagnosed in December 2018 and had a CD4 COUNT of 63, she started taking ARVs after 2 weeks since she was also battling TB and pneumonia. the pneumonia has since cleared and shes on 2nd month of TB treatment. how soon can her CD4 count incrase?


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