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I am HIV and my partner is negative and we can’t enjoy sex…

I am HIV and my partner is negative and we can’t enjoy sex, what can we do?



Thanks for your question which it is difficult to answer without more information.

For example, was there a time when you did enjoy sex and has being HIV positive changed this.

If there are physical reasons that make sex difficult, your doctor might be able to help.

If there are psychological reasons, then getting support from a counsellor might help.

Stress and worry can be a block to good sex for either partner. For example you might be worried about your partner becoming positive more than they are. Or they maybe can’t get over the fear of HIV, however irrational.

Other options include reading about latest results that says if your viral load is undetectable, then you can’t transmit HIV. See this link for more information:

Another option might be for your partner to use PrEP so that they are in control of their own health. PrEP would just involved your partner taking one pill a day in order to stay HIV negative.

Even though you don’t; need both undetectable viral load and PrEP, the PrEP might help you and your partner feel more related. This setting might let you explore intimacy and sex again without fear of HIV, if this is the block.

This link also have more information about other aspects of sexual health:


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