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What is the risk from one time with my positive boyfriend?

My boyfriend didn’t tell me dat he is HIV positive and we practice sex once without a condom. Can i be infected in one day coz now am scared am only 21 yrz.


HIV is quite a difficult virus to catch, so your risk from one time means this is very low.

However, if your boyfriend is now taking HIV treatment and he has an undetectable viral load, the meds also protect you from getting infected.

Please see Q5, 6, 9 and 10 at this link:

HIV treatment is now so good that your boyfriend could live a normal life, including having a family, if this is something you both would like. Both you and any children can stay HIV negative.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Thubalihle,

    Because you had sex with your boyfriend before he was diagnosed, there will have been a risk. Therefore, its important that you test.

  2. thubalihle

    hie..my boyfriend tested positive on the 12/01/2018..i had unprotected sex with him 26/12/2017 for the first time in 6mnths…What are my chances of being positive


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