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Is my partner at risk if I’ve been on ART for ten years?



Thanks for writing – and congratulations for ten years on ART – sounds like you are doing a great job.

To be on the same treatment for so long means this is probably working really well, but technically, it would be better to know if your viral load is undetectable.

If yes, the your partners will also be protected, even if you don’t always use condoms.

The U=U campaign means Undetectable viral load = Untransmittable HIV. This has been recognised by leading scientists, doctors and health organisations, including the US CDC.

Here is a review of the evidence from i-Base.

Although a few countries don’t have viral load tests, if your CD4 count had been stable or steadily high for many years – and you take your meds – this is likel that your viral load will be undetectable.


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