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Were gay couples counted twice in the PARTNER 1 and 2 studies?


I was looking at the results from the PARTNER 1 and 2 studies and trying to see how gay couples were counted in each study. Were some of the 77,000 times that gay couples had sex in PARTNER 2 also counted in PARTNER 1?




Thanks for your question.

The PARTNER 1 and 2 studies produced the most complete evidence for how well HIV treatment prevents sexual HIV transmission.

PARTNER 1 reported zero transmissions after almost 900 couples had sex almost 58,000 without condoms. Approximately two-thirds of couples were straight and one-third were gay men.

PARTNER 2 reported zero transmissions after almost 800 gay couples had sex almost 77,000 times.

However, 22,000 times that gay couples had sex in PARTNER 2 were also counted in the PARTNER 1 results.

Combining results from both PARTNER 1 and 2 included 113,000 times people had sex without condoms: gay couples had sex 77,000 times and straight couples had sex 36,000 times.

This page links to detailed reports of both studies:


  1. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Linda,

    Here is a Q&A about websites to meet other HIV positive people. The links shown there are a good place to start.

  2. Linda

    How can I get a chance to have love with my Daibetic and HIV positive

  3. Roy Trevelion

    Hi Sd,

    First, congratulations on having your baby.

    Most babies who have HIV positive mothers will be given some weeks of HIV meds. But that doesn’t mean she is HIV positive. We have to wait for the tests.

    Breastfeeding exclusively is recommended in some countries around the world. You are on ARVs and you are giving your baby zidovudine syrup. So you are doing all you can.

    Please talk to the doctor about your daughter sometimes spitting out the meds. You can also check on your results too.

    And here’s a link to the guide to HIV pregnancy and women’s health.

  4. Sd

    Hi,I have been arvs since i was 6months pregnant and have given birth now but still don’t know my viral load.My Dd has been taking zidovudine syrup since birth and she will do her first test on next Monday which is her 6th weeks old.My problem is she sometimes spit out some of the medicine when giving to her and i am breastfeeding exclusively…Is there a danger for her please?


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