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Switching meds when undetectable…

I am presently on Genvoya for a couple of months. VL=UD CD4 more than 500.

I was on Truvada/Edurant for about 5 years before that.

Due to shortage I might run out of Genvoya for a month. Is it ok to switch back to Truvada/Edurant and then back to Genvoya when available again.

Working on an ship travelling all the 24 hours time zones. Ok to shift one hour a day with medication?


Hi there

If you had an undetectable viral load when you switched to this new combination, then it is okay to switch back to the previous one.

I understand it must be difficult to you are travelling a lot, but please also tell your doctor about this.

It would be better in the future to find a way to stay on your current combination.

There is enough flexibility with dosing to not worry about being being an hour or two early or late.


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