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Can I tell my boyfriend after being on meds for a month?


I am 23 yrs old and i tested positive and started my meds immediately in window stage.

I have never seen any side effects and i feel that am healed from the HIV disease.

It is one month now since i started my meds.

Can i disclose to my boyfriend that am under medication?



Thanks for writing – and for the several questions.

First, it is good you started treatment and that you are doing well without side effects.

HIV meds only work while you are taking them though. This makes it really important that you keep taking them every day.

You are right that the meds are good for your health but they are not a cure. If you stop the meds, your HIV will quickly come back in a few days,

Talking to your boyfriend raises lots of questions.

  • Do you know how he will react or how he feels about HIV?
  • Does he know anyone who is positive – either now or in the past?
  • How does he react if your talk about HIV or if this is taken about on TV?
  • Also, do you think he might also be HIV positive?

Everyone has views on HIV. If your boyfriend is generally hostile on this, maybe find a way to get him more accurate information first. If he is more open-minded, try bringing HIV in a conversation at home.

Have you told any of your family or a close friend about being positive?

Perhaps talking about these thing to your health worker or a friend first will make sure you have support when you tell your boyfriend.

There is no easy answer to this part of your question. Although it is better to be able to share this information with your partner, I am nore concerned that you are settled and happy first.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nhlo,

    Unless his viral load is undetectable, then yes there will have been a risk. You may need to test.

  2. Nhlo

    My boyfriend is on treatment but I don’t knw his viral load ,its been 3 months he is on treatment my worry is that is there any possibility that I might infected cz we had unprotected sex


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