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Will honey increase my CD4?

I’m positive. My CD4 count is 300 ish. Can I use blackseed oil and honey to increase my CD4 count? I’m taking ARVs.


Thanks for getting in touch.

By being on ARVs you’re already doing the best thing possible for your HIV. The ARVs will increase your CD4 count, or at least keep it at a steady level.

Neither the honey, nor the blackseed oil  will have any positive effect on your CD4, so unless you want to take/eat them then there’s no need.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Xabiso, there are no negative interactions. As mentioned there are no known positive outcomes. There is not a need to supplement your ARVs with honey.

  2. Xabiso

    But will it have a negetive effect, does it contradict with ARV’s??


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