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I’d like to go back to my old regime, is this possible?

My name is Stephen, I started my treatment on Tribuss and it worked very well but the doctor changed me to Truvada and Aluvia combination because he thought Tribuss was causing liver damage. It was later found that my TB treatment was causing my liver function issues so my question is whether it is safe to go back to Tribuss from my current treatment because I want to be on a single pill.


Thanks for getting in touch.

As you didn’t have any issues with Tribuss and you want to use a one pill regime, then yes, this it should be OK for you to go back to Tribuss. However, this is a discussion that you will need to have with your doctor as they may suggest another one pill regime, for example TLD, or as it’s also know: Acriptega, Reydin and Viripil.


  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Nomonde,

    Info about Reydin can be found here: https://www.cipla.co.za/cipla-news/world-aids-day-cipla-launches-new-triple-combination-antiretroviral-drug-reydin/
    The main difference is that Reydin contains an ARV called dolutegravir. With dolutegravir the side effects are less than the efavirenz that are in Trevnir (which is a generic version of Atripla: https://i-base.info/guides/1561) You may however experience weight gain.

    In South African, it’s common for people to switch from an efavirenz based regime to dolutegravir.

  2. Nomonde

    Hi, I have been changed to Reydin tablets, and I was on Trevnir. I just want to know if I will have any side effects? And what is the difference between the two.


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