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Can I get cheaper or prescribed PrEP in the UK?

Hiya. Hope you can help me? I’m trying to purchase PrEP but I cant afford £64 for one month supply. Do you know anywhere I can get prescribed PrEP? It’s so frustrating – I’ve been to my local GUM clinic but they said see your GP. I’ve emailed them and they say they don’t give prescriptions for PrEP. It’s like hitting my head against a brick wall :(

I can only find a site asking for £64 for just one month supply and I cant afford that. My current partner is HIV positive, he takes meds but I want to be in control of my own health?
Thank you.



Thanks for the questions – and for letting us answer online.

Although the government has already agreed to provide free PrEP on the NHS, this might not be happening yet in England. PrEP is already free on the NHS in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. should already be free and on prescription

Info from the UK guide to PrEP has more info for all Q’s including options for less than £20 for 30 tablets, and on on-demand dosing. So cheaper PrEP is available. If cost is still too high. The link also has details on free PrEP (via Mags Portman Fund at THT).

Buying PrEP online and from NHS clinics

On demand dosing

It is good that you know that you are not at risk if your partner has an undetectable viral load on HIV meds. Also good that you are using PrEP to take responsibility for your own health though.


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