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Are these results on treatment good and what about CD8?

Hi, I tested positive exactly one year back, my CD4 count was 171. Doctor put me on dolutegravir, emitricitabine, and tenofovir alafenamide.

I tested my viral load and CD4 count recently. It’s showing I am undectable and CD4 count is 304. Am I doing good?

My test results also show that CD8 count is 70.4 percentage. The normal range: 14 to 34 percentage). Is there any need to concern over this high value of CD8?


Hi there

Thanks for your question and for the detailed results.

You are doing really well. The undetectable viral load shows your meds are working really well – and also that you are doing well by taking them and not missing doses.

Your CD4 count is also great. It is now well above 200 which really reduces that chances of any HIV-related problems. Your immune system is getting stronger.

Don’t worry about your CD8 count being a higher percentage. This is also normal for anyone whose CD4 count dropped down below 200. This may or may not get slightly better in the future, but it is not a problem.


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