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Can i test HIV negative if am undetectable on ART?

Am hiv positive, can i test negative if am undetectable?


HI there

Great that you are on treatment and that your viral load is undetectable.

This is great news and shows the meds are working really well.

Even if your viral load stays undetectable for the next 20 years, I am sorry that you will still test HIV positive.

This is because the HIV test is seeing whether your immune system has come into contact with HIV. Even if they find a cure for HIV, your will still test HIV positive because of this history.


  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Anonymous

    Please see this link for information on HIV testing:

    PCR testing is not approved for HIV testing.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, a follow up question. The original reply refers to tests based on antibodies (they won’t go anywhere any time soon, probably never). How about pcr test instead (so for viral particles), or that’s (still) not available?
    Many thanks.


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