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Questions about formula milk in South Africa and PCR results?

Which formula is best for my baby because I am in South Africa and l want to buy Similac formula for my baby who is one week old due to my breasts not producing enough?

Is it safe to switch my baby to formula because he is always hungry and l am getting stressed out.

If his birth PCR tested positive after taking arvs for 9 months of my pregnancy does it mean he is HIV positive?


Please talk to your doctor or clinic about everything that is going on.
Changing to formula milk might be easy but this depends where you live. Recommendations vary in different countries and can sometimes be different depending on if you live in a town or a village. 
The clinic can also help with information to help if you are getting stressed.
Because i-Base is in the UK we don’t know about different formula makes and if one is better than another. The clinic will help though.
Finally, without more details it is difficult to comment on the PCR results. Your doctor should explain these too – and the answer might change the advice on other options now.


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