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Has mixed feeding risked giving my baby HIV?

Good evening. I am an undetectable mother and I have given birth to an HIV negative baby. I used to mix feed him for the first month but on the 2nd month my nurse advised me to choose only one. Is it possible that I have put my child’s life at risk by mix feeding for a month? Or he will be still remain negative? He is on Nevirapine and I am still on ARVs


Hi, congratulations on your new baby. This must be an exciting time for you. How are you doing?

It is unlikely you have risked giving your child HIV, he most likely is still HIV negative. It is recommend that you do not mix feed your child but you have been on ARVs and your child is on Nevirapine.

You can reduce the risk now by choosing breast or formula, in South Africa breast feeding is recommended in the guidelines. But if you have access to formula and this is what you prefer this is just as good, if not better.

Remember you are doing an excellent job. If you have any more  questions please do ask.



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