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Starting ARV’s midway through pregnancy.

Hi, i’m 19 weeks pregnant and I have found out that i’m HIV positive at 16 weeks and my CD4 count is 54. I started ARV’s immediately. Can my baby be affected since my CD4 count is so low?


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Congratulations on your pregnancy, it’s really good news that you have started ARV’s so soon. Your CD4 count will not affect the risk of your baby becoming HIV positive. To reduce the risk of transmission, being on effective ARVs is what will reduce the risk the most. It sounds like you are already doing this.

When your baby is born, they will be given a course of HIV medication to further reduce the risk. For how long depends on the total risk of infection, this can be discussed with your doctor. Taking your ARVs for the last 3 weeks will already have had an impact on how your HIV is managed.

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