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What is a good viral load count?

What is a good viral load count?


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The answer depends on whether or not someone is taking HIV treatment.

HIV treatment (called ART) is recommended for nearly everyone who is living with HIV.

When on ART, viral load should become undetectable. This is defined as having viral load lower than 200 copies/mL.

A viral load under 200 means your treatment is working very well. It also means you cannot transmit HIV sexually (even without a condom).

This is a link to a guide for further information about viral load.


  1. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Khan, while you are undetectable your wife is safe. You can have sex without a condom and there is no risk of transmission.

  2. khan

    Thank u
    But my doctor prescribe Prep for my wife
    So want to skip prep for my wife will she infected if my viral load is undetectedble

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Khan, congratulations on your marriage. While you are undetectable your wife does not need to be on PrEP. There is also no need to use a condom. While undetectable you cannot pass on HIV sexually. Both your wife and baby are safe. Please see this for more information about being undetectable and being unable to transmit HIV: https://i-base.info/u-equals-u/

  4. khan

    My viral load has been undetectable from 2 years .
    I got marriage before 3 months ago
    My wife has been use PREP since december
    I started sex without condom
    But she does not want to use prep
    If she skip PREP and i do sex according to my viral load level will she and her baby be positive ?
    Answer me carefully thank u

  5. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Khan, how long has your viral load been under 200? In practise after 6 months of a viral load below 200 is is safe to have sex without a condom. A viral load of 29 means there is no risk to your partner and a condom is not needed. 6 months is usually recommended to ensure your medication is working and there is no risk of rebound.

  6. khan

    My viral load is 29 mean undetectble but my doctor stilk presrcibe Prep for my wife so she wants to stop prep so can i doo sex without condom for pregnancy


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