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Will Trenvir work a second time as PEP?

I have once again had unprotected sex and given Trenvir pills to take again, will it work again?


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Yes, PEP will work again. Repeating a course of PEP will not reduce how effective it is.

Although Trenvir (and similar brands with the same active drugs) is still used in some countries, this combination has never been approved for PEP in the UK. This is because one of the drugs called efavirenz has difficult side effects.

Most countries should now be changing to use PEP that uses dolutegravir instead of efavirenz.

Have you talked to a doctor about PrEP? This only uses two HIV meds and it very effective at stopping HIV. It will also help reduce anxiety and keep you safe.

Both on-demand (2:1:1) and daily dosing options are available for different people in different situations. This link will explain more about PrEP.



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