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Is my partner still safe if my viral load is 100?

Hi, I have been on HIV meds for almost two years and have been undetectable, well had less than 50 copies until my last test which showed 100 copies which I’m guessing may be because of a “blip” because I have found myself missing a dose for a day or taking my meds a little late.

My concern now however, is that I have had unprotected sex with my partner and I had sex at the time I should be taking meds, meaning I took my pill two hours later. I had been religiously taking my meds at the same time for two months making sure that I don’t miss at all. So I believe my partner is still safe right?


Hi, how are you doing?

Yes your partner is still fine. U=U still applies to any viral load below 200.

Missing occasional doses or being late by a few hours should not be a cause for a blip.

Blips can be caused by other infections e.g., COVID, recent vaccines, randomly, or the most common reason being a lab error. Have you had your test confirmed with a second?



  1. Simon Collins

    Hi Khan, yes. An undetectable viral load will protect the partner when becoming pregnant. I had to edit your Q and hope this is what you are asking.

  2. khan

    It mean there are no cases of HIV transmission to a partner when viral load is undetectable? This is for conceiving a baby.

  3. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Khan, PrEP is not required for natural conception. If you have an undetectable viral load there is no risk of passing on HIV and your wife will be able to conceive.

    U=U has been proven to be 100% effective. For this reason there have been on reported cases in England of HIV transmission while correctly using U=U.

  4. khan

    It mean prep is essential for natural conception
    Even ur viral load is undetectable
    Ok my wife will use it for a month but i am worried about those 4 days in which my wife missed its
    Plz tell me in england there is any case that zero viral load man has infected his wife and baby

  5. Josh Peasegood

    Hi Khan, U=U only applies to sexual transmission, unfortunately it does not apply to transmission from mum to baby. Each country will have their own regulations and determine whether they choose to adopt the U=U campaign. However, all studies used to support U=U have shown that when someone has an undetectable viral load, transmission is not possible via sex. The studies used for prove this involved both straight and gay couples. There was a total of 135000 sexual encounters. There were 0 reports of transmission: https://i-base.info/u-equals-u-qa/

  6. khan

    I have taken screenshot from ur msg and send to my doctor
    He told me that v have record that patient has zero viral load but still infected his wife and born positive baby
    So what do u say about him
    In pakistan all centres of HIV say ur wife must use prep even if ur viral load is zero


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