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Is a negative test after three months accurate?

Hi, I had sex with a girl. Five weeks (37 days) after the exposure, I got HIV test and the result was negative. 91 days after exposure I got HIV test again for confirmation, the result is negative.

My questions are:

1. Does it mean that I am really HIV negative?

2. Should I get HIV test again next December 2007 (6 months after exposure)?


Yes, after this time the results are very accurate.

To question #1: Unless you had another exposure risk during the 91 days period, then yes, the test shows that you are HIV negative.

To question #2: In very rare cases it takes more than 40 days for the body to develop antibodies to HIV that can be picked up by the test. That is why it is a good idea to test again three months after the possible risk, even though the chances of a positive result then are very small.

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  2. Lisa Thorley
  3. Sandy

    1-Sir I have done HIV test after 7 month of exposure that is on 27 Dec 26 is 1st test result was negative
    2-On 27 march 2017 2nd test result was negative
    3- On 27 June 2017 results was negative suggest me
    So should I test again there will be possiblity of hiv positive results please

  4. Lisa Thorley
  5. michele

    I first had sex in December 31st 2016 and then had sex with another on 22/6/2017 and finally I went for for an Hiv test on 7/7/2017 and I tested negative.
    So should I test again??

  6. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Cibi,

    Even when someone is on medication for their HIV they will always test positive. This is because the meds control it, not cure it.

  7. Cibi

    I’m on Atroiza treatment. I don’t have any problem with my treatment. My question is, can I test HIV negative whilst taking Atrozia?