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Why are my meds now a different colour?

I am HIV positive and live in South Africa. I used to get meds that I think were pink colour bt know they gave me blue , so is it still the same or Iam taking wrong medication?


Hi there

Whenever you are not sure about your meds, please contact your doctor straight away. You can also ask the pharmacy whee you get your HIV meds.

This is the best way to make sure everything is okay.

Your doctor should always tell you before your meds are changed.

Sometimes these can be the same meds but made by a different company. In South Africa, there can be ten or more different versions of the same meds.

Even though the pill might be a different size or shape or colour, it can contain the same ingredients.

Sometimes it can be a different combination. For example, many countries are changing to dolutegravir-based ART (TLD) from efavirenz-based ART (TLE).

This link includes many of the different generic makes of HIV meds that are commonly used, including in South Africa.


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