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My viral load is now 125 after being undetectable for a year…

I’ve been HIV positive for about a year now and ive also been on treatment for about a year and tested undetectable in my last viral load test (below 40).

Now i tested again and viral load came back 125 – my doctor explained that a viral blib occurred.

I had unprotected vaginal sex with my negative girlfriend and i’m worried that i may have put her at risk. Although we went on pep immediately.


Thanks – your doctor is giving you good advice.

So long as you have been taking your meds carefully, viral load usually stays undetectable.

Low level blips are common and usually become undetectable again without need to change treatment.

Your partner will still be protected, as this is okay when viral load is less than 200. (It is probably also okay when less than 1000 for straight couples, though guidelines don’t say this).

Using PEP is still probably a good idea if you were worried. This will also reduce the risk of HIV in case this is not a blip.

Please check your viral load again after four weeks though. Don’t let this go fro months in case it is not a blip.


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