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How can I extend my trip without my current medication?

I am traveling and need to extend my vacation for 2-3 for weeks. I have been taking Biktarvy daily for several years but only took enough to last me until a certain date. I have 18 pills left but will stay an additional 18 days.

Biktarvy is not approved in the country I am staying. What is my best option:
1. take remaining pills every other day
2. continue to take every day and go without for 18 days
3. substitute Genvoya or Stribild, which are both available here (i am not taking other meds)


Hi, how are you doing?

Is it possible to have your home clinic send Biktarvy out to you? That would be the most suitable option.

With the options you have presented both 1 and 2 are no suitable. 2 will risk a viral rebound as you will be off medication for over a week. Option 1 is better but it does significantly reduce how much medication is in your body over the 36 days.

Getting access to another type of HIV medication would work. Though given the switch you may experience different side effects for the time that you take it. Have you ever had a problem with other HIV medication in the past e.g., resistance?



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